“Military Empowering Youth Through Athletics”

Vision: Military Athletics utilizes sports to empower and enrich the mind and heart of youth on an individual level in order to invest quality time back into the character of each child and to build a positive connection with healthy communities around the world.


Values: Military Athletics core values are honor, courage, devotion, integrity, humility, purpose, productivity, honesty, forgiveness and loyalty.


Community: We are an assembly of Military members, partnering with our neighborhoods, giving back to our youth within the military and civilian communities.  We provide free weekend “Field Days”, including baseball, basketball, soccer and fitness.  We desire to present an exciting, educational and motivational day, focused in building and cultivating the inner core, character and mindset of those who attend.   Our hope and purpose is share a positive message of hope, faith and love by utilizing the sports programs to communicate with families.  As “Brothers in Arms, we, along with, Professional athletes, motivational speakers/leaders, local Armed Forces, the “Men in Blue” and Firefighters, convey an empowering message of what is possible.  It is our belief, athletics is one of the most powerful stages of influence a person may have.  By planting a seed of hope will play a very important role in preparing our next generation for a better tomorrow.


Tours: “Fallen Soldier Tours”: Our Professional Baseball, and Fishing Tours are in honor of our Fallen Heroes and to the families of our nations’ heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.


Fundraising: All fundraising efforts go towards sustaining and developing our continued efforts to honor our Armed Forces, future growth of our educational programs and youth clinics.  


Support: Military Athletics relies on your charitable contribution in support of or our mission and vision.