Military Survival and Warrior Course

Our weekend course will challenge, prepare civilians and military alike to enjoy a weekend full of adventure, education, and life skills alike. Designed for ages 8+, these classic wilderness adventures expeditions are about recapturing the enthusiasm of doing something new, different and difficult that will challenge and yet empower your group. Participants tackle personal, and physical challenges through their knowledge, strength, and energy. Our heroes journey is for both men, women, boys, and girls who seek a weekend of adventure in order to kindle and establish those relationships.

Weekend Warrior Retreat

  • $225 Flat Rate (Per Person)
  • Food and Tent Camping (Tent Equipment Provided)
  • 3 Days/2 Nights
  • Bus Transportation to and from Rocksprings, Texas:  Departure San Antonio, Texas @ 4 pm / Return to San Antonio @ 12 pm

“An adventurous weekend filled with fun, adventure, and life building skills to bring out the best in you.”

  • Team building Course (Red team VS Blue team & Manhunt)
  • Tent Camping and Training
  • Archery Class
  • 3- hour Kayaking trip with a guided service representative
  • Spiritual transformation and finding your purpose 
  • Education and Vocational Training
  • Self-discovery training and Goal setting
  • Building Healthy Relationships 
  • Financial Training and Investments
  • Texas Best Shot of the West! (Pellet Gun shoot off)
  • 3- hour Team Competition and Evening Manhunt
  • Primitive Tent Camping and Training Included
  • Fire Education and Training Course Included
  • Music, swimming, and bonfire with s’mores


  • Bedding not provided (suggested packing List provided)
  • 12 Hour preregistration needed or 1 day for participation
  • No Alcohol permitted
  • Smoking permitted in our designated smoking areas