Military Outback is committed in giving back to our Veterans and our youth. Our goal and mission is to empower Veterans and youth through outdoor adventures participation.


The opportunity for our Military families to spend quality time with their children offers hope and encouragement.  It is our priority to give back to our wounded heroes, who have sacrificially given their life for the cause of freedom. 


Our hunting, fishing and therapy programs seek to capture the healing process through these experiences.


Military Athletics is a vital conduit in bridging the gap with corporate sponsors and those Military Families who carry the burden of our Nation’s colors. We seek to not only empower, but also find a viable and encouraging solution in migrating our Veterans into the workforce.


Our efforts would not be successful if not for the commitment and generosity of our sponsors and donors. Thank you for assisting our programs to encourage, cultivate and mold foundational morals and establishing leaders.  


For more Information, please contact us by: Email: info@militaryathletics.org  or please call: 210-350-7576.   Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you