1$ of product per order donated to military


Here at CAN we believe in giving back to our friends in the military. We have partnered with Military Athletics because we believe they share the same values that we do. We will be donating $1 worth of product from every order to Military Athletics. We have also committed to giving our active military discounts to help them with their purchases.

We at CAN would also like to thank Klean Athlete, Biosteel, Bipro, and BodyLogix for their generous donations to help us kick off this give back program. We are greatly appreciative for their organizations and for the quality products they produce.

All fundraising efforts go towards sustaining and developing our continued efforts to honor our Armed Forces, future growth of our educational programs, and youth clinics.

Military Athletics relies on your charitable contribution in support of or our mission and vision.

Please visit Certified Athletic Nutrition for details and certified product you can trust.


Organizations such as NSF exists to certify that all supplements supplied for sports purposes have met the highest guidelines, and meet the certification requirements that were created to regulate and help protect athletes. All athletes, all consumers, and all coaches can know that a product meets the required guidelines, for sports, by the mark that is present on each label.

The focus of this program looks at 3 main areas which do the following:

  • Protect product from alterations or debauching
  • Provide validity against the contents and what the label is claiming
  • Analyze and identify that the finished product is free of banned substances.

At CAN we only carry certified for sports products and nothing else. You no longer need to second guess where your product is coming from or if it is certified for sports.

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