Military Softball

The USA Military Softball Organization is composed of active duty, reservist, dependents and retired military personal of all branches services that give back to youth programs and honor our wounded and fallen heroes.

Our USA Military Softball teams are family friendly environments that promote military comrodity, family and connecting with communities across the country.

Mission: To promote the US Military in recruitemet, encourage family friendly events by honoring our wounded and fallen comrades and to build community relationships across the globe.

Tournaments: The USA Miltiary Softball Program will host tournaments composed of three divisons.

Division A is our Men’s Competitive Division: This division is our money round that raises support in giving back to youth, wounded Veterans and providing vocational training for Veterans. This is a very competive round of softball attracting the best teams to compete for cash prizes and trophies.

Division B is our Men’s Recreational Divison: This division involves the participation of coed teams by incorporating  fun filled games by promoting sportsmanship, team work and a encouraging a family filled weekend!

Division C is our Womens’s Division: This division involves an all womens teams to enter with cash prizes, trophies and awards to compete in raising support for our youth programs. This is a competive division that challenges the best softball women players across the military in networking and building positive relationships.

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