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Military Baseball TEAM USA represents the best of the US Armed forces best talent of Active Duty, Reserve, Veterans or direct dependents of DOD members. We play on behalf of our Fallen Heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and liberty as Americans. TEAM USA plays in support of our youth programs across the world by giving our next generation of leaders a better future. Military Baseball seeks to bring honor, courage and commitment by empowering communities across America to represent those who have served and currently where our uniform of service.


TEAM PACIFIC is based out of Yokosuka Japan Navy Base where they are composed of a 30-40-man roster in competition with a schedule of over fifty games of professional and amateur baseball teams across Japan. Military Baseball was founded in Japan and now plays against professional baseball teams as Military Liaisons with local government officials and in brining American’s and Japanese together one swing at a time.


TEAM SPAIN plays baseball across Europe with active duty members as ambassadors of the US Military and perform on stages against the Mexico National Team, Ireland National Team and many other stadiums hosted in Europe. With over a fifty game schedule does TEAM SPAIN enjoy the beauty of its surroundings and yet compete on some of the toughest platforms.


TEAM ITALY will be launching its tryouts in 2018 as former Kansas City Royals Pitcher Kenny Kirker leads the way in active duty members together in playing baseball in Europe.