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MILITARY ATHLETICS Veteran Owned Business proudly supports our “USA Military Baseball Team” in support of over 1 million US Military service members, serving around the world.

With over 500 Military baseball players representing your US Army, Navy, Airforce, Coast Guard and United States Marine Core, do we honor all those who have committed the ultimate sacrifice and to recognize those families who have given so much to our nations freedoms.

The USA Military Baseball Organization gives back through child development and military youth programs in providing educational and leadership programs for kids around the globe. We also support for those Veterans suffering from PTSD and provide vocational training for our Veterans.

From the beaches of Normandy, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, Grenada, Korea, Dessert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan and Wars of conflict, we proudly honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. We honor them through a game, that has stood the test of time, baseball.  

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USA Military Baseball represents the best of the US Armed forces of the Army, Navy, Airforce and US Marines.

Military Baseball will launch its 2018 USA FALLEN SOLDIER TOUR across America as TEAM USA will compete against collegiate and professional teams on behalf of our Fallen Heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and liberty.

Our fan base will attract crowds of 5,000-15,000 per night as your USA Military Baseball Team will face off against some of the best talent in professional baseball in the world. Our minor league systems feed our USA Tour as our movement has grown to over 500 baseball players internationally around the world who represent our brothers and sisters in arms.


TEAM PACIFIC is based out of Yokosuka Japan Navy Base where they are composed of a 40-man roster in with a 74 game schedule against professional and amateur baseball teams across Japan. By playing against developmental teams from the San Francisco Giants has TEAM Japan grown in popularity and success within the Pacific.


TEAM SPAIN continues to produce and incredible fan base with a 55 game schedule across Europe with active duty members as ambassadors of the US Military and performs on stages against national teams and the Atlanta Braves organization. Team Spain continues to impress with military members who are passionate about the game of baseball.


TEAM ITALY continues to recruit players from local units as former Kansas City Royals Pitcher Kenny Kirker leads the way in recruiting players from this region of the world and across military installations.

TEAM Puerto Rico

Team Puerto Rico will be launching combines to bring in some of the best talent within the local Latin American community. Professional trainers and Coaches with prior active duty service groom our athletes in order to compete against some of the levels of baseball in order to prepare them for professional baseball and collegiate baseball. We are passionate about giving our developmental leagues the opportunity to scouted by Minor and MLB clubs in order to give them free health care, college tuition and a working job within the US Military.