Premier Scouting Service LLC

Military Baseball is committed to promoting high school, Active duty, Reservist, and Veterans to enter the ranks of collegiate or professional baseball. Our overseas teams in support of our “Fallen Soldier USA Baseball Tour” allows for Military Baseball players to promote themselves against some of the best talents in the world. Premier Scouting Service LLC offers our players the opportunity to play NCAA college baseball or professionally.

The majority of our players carry with them real-life experience and the maturity to perform under intense and high-pressure situations. By performing before thousands of fans does our “Fallen Soldier USA Baseball Tour” allot for college and professional scouts to see our athletes perform on a variety of levels. Private workouts and access are given upon the approval of our coaches and staff.

We offer a professional baseball agency in congruence with Military Athletics by ensuring our athletes are protected and provided for. We also offer mentorship opportunities for younger players to climb the ranks within our program upon their talent and professionalism. 

By partnering with Premier Scouting Service LLC do we offer athletes the opportunity of a lifetime to play out their professional or amateur career.

Mike Horn Head of Recruiting

Premier Scouting Service LLC