Military Athletics volunteers are committed, faithful, and dedicated to the cause and mission of this organization.  We have volunteers that help us in our local office as well as our national events.  Military Athletics has partnered with wonderful organizations who request our volunteers to help them with our Veteran aid programs.  Whether it is coaching, playing catch, assisting with events and or gala’s, we welcome all to join in our mission in changing the world.  

If you would like to volunteer, request please to complete fill out the “Volunteer Opportunity Form”.  As we have many requests, please note that we have received your application and will search for the best areas in which you can serve. Please note that all volunteers are subject to a background check before being considered a volunteer. It is our priority to ensure a safe, positive and encouraging working environment in all situations, whether at the office or at an event.

For your convenience, attached, please find the link to “Volunteer Waiver & Release” form.  Form must be completed prior and event for volunteer to participate.  Please review, sign and send to info@militaryathletics.org.  We appreciate your time and grateful for your support.  

Military Athletics – Volunteer Waiver and Release


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