Youth Training Camps

Military Athletics Youth Training Division

Our aim is to be the catalyst and motivation for student athletes in establishing the confidence, work ethic and goal oriented mind state needed to compete and win in today’s world, on and off the field. We strive to establish a concrete foundation, to build habits and attitudes that escalate them to the next platform of competitiveness  Military Athletics Youth is committed to providing a platform for kids of all ages to run, jump, play, while working too towards a goal of a healthier lifestyle.

Military Athletics training is a fast paced competitive way to work on the skills and techniques of athletic movement. Our programs provide the athletic obstacles designed for mental toughness that a dedicated student athlete needs to elevate from a good athlete to a great athlete. While at the same time, it is a perfect way to stay fit and have some fun outside with friends.

Confidence cannot be faked; it is only earned by hard work, preparation and experience. We provide the confidence learning drills that will prepare student athletes for the field and beyond.  Military Athletics is a culture, a mentality of hard work trumps talent. Everyone has an inner athlete. Kids need to start early and learn right.  Our fun yet, hardcore, athletic movement academy is that place.

Reaction, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction and speed are the building blocks of sports. How fast you are, in and out of cuts, then off the ground and back to full speed is what coaches are looking for. Game speed.  While having straight away speed is what gets you noticed, you are only as good as your start and finish.

Speed, core strength, quickness, endurance, agility, flexibility, leverage, hand speed, and explosiveness are just some of the skills we focus on at the Academy. We achieve these goals by utilizing boxes, ladders, parachutes, bungees, sleds, hop mazes, weight vests, and an array of progressive equipment designed to increase the effectiveness of fast twitch muscles. Lateral speed, footwork, acceleration and jumping are practiced using cone drills, angle cut, and box drills, to name a few. Each drill we condition the athlete to FINISH. The last burst at the end, the killer instinct, the wear with all to push through and explode is the mental discipline that is trained on our field. Military Athletics works in conjunction with the GAS Academy’s mantra is practice makes permanent; we provide the newest in sports exercise science technology and a place to practice. The athletes provide the focus, passion and commitment.

We work as a team creating a team environment. Cultivate a sense of achievement promoting and promoting a positive self-image.  This provides a wonderful opportunity for the older high school athletes to develop leadership skills while providing role model for the younger athletes. A middle school athlete will get to work alongside, not only his peers but with, some of San Antonio’s premiere athletes.  This expands communication skills with peers and adults. Understanding and expressing emotions, imagination, sportsmanship, and citizenship is at the core of our ethos.

We ultimately aspire to deliver a more polished, game ready and all around better student athlete to the San Antonio area. We want to be the first stop in the realization of every student athlete, in San Antonio, that has the dream and drive to be a collegiate athlete.